µTorrent Latest Update Repack N Portable

µTorrent Pack (Repack & Portable) is a popular client for peer-to-peer p2p networks (BitTorrent protocol), which, due to its functionality and small size, is deservedly the leader among programs in this category.

The advantages of µTorrent include multi-threaded file downloads, bandwidth sharing, setting download / distribution limits, remote control via a web interface, and among the innovations there are such useful features as video streaming (preview of downloaded material) and the presence of a rating and commenting system torrents.

µTorrent Latest Update Repack N Portable

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Features of the repack µTorrent Pack:

  1. Selection when installing the program version: / / / /
  2. Combined in one distribution installation or unpacking of the portable (from the developer) version
  3. Optional use of classic DHT patch [“Enable DHT”/”Peer Exchange”/”Local Peer Discovery”] (file sharing without tracker)
  4. Interface language English / Russian (alternative Russification from Kuzmich) for 1.x and 2.x versions or multilingual for 3.x versions (with installation of supplemented alternative Russian localization from m0nkrus on Russian-speaking systems)
  5. Blocked creation of apps, share and freeplayer folders (for versions 2.21 and 3.x)
  6. For versions 3.x, the update server is blocked, due to the “garbage” that climbs through it into the program
  7. For installation, lowering the priority of access to RAM is enabled (PagePriority1.reg added for portable version)
  8. For installation, an additional shortcut has been added to the Start to launch the second copy of the client with the already running (uTorrentMultiple.bat for portable)
  9. Optional ability to add uTorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions
  10. Optional ability to install the Glyfz 2016 skin (for all versions and its mod with a dark background for and 3.x) and icon-mode (for 1.x and 2.x)
  11. Optional ability to set a database of IP addresses and flags to determine the country of the peer
  12. Optional ability to install a filter of IP addresses of Russian government agencies + the ability to pick up and auto-copying to the folder with the user program ipfilter.dat
  13. Optional ability to install a selection of additional icons for the tray, the main program window and supported file types
  14. Selecting the program tray icon during installation (4 options)
  15. Added vbs-script to set your own download completion sound (for versions and 3.x)
  16. Optional ability (selection during installation) to save existing uTorrent settings or replacing the settings with the basic ones from the repack.
  17. Possibility of picking up and auto-copying user files of the program: • settings.dat – program settings • utorrent.lng – language file • rss.dat – RSS feed settings • current.btskin – program skin • tray.ico – program icon in tray • main.ico – program icon in the main window • maindoc.ico – icon for torrent files