Best Fiends Mod APK v11.2.1 (Unlimited Money)

Best Fiends – Match 3 Games APK Review

Best Fiends Mod APK Game is a puzzle game where you have to put together matching pieces inside a panel to make them disappear. To do this, you just put your finger on a piece and then trace over all matching pieces that touch each other.

Game Features :

  • Puzzle game meets adventure to create an engaging story!
  • Match 3 mechanic with a twist: draw lines over matching items for longer combos
  • Matching is intuitive and the game may be easy to play, but requires strategy to master!
  • Puzzles galore! Have fun as you solve over 6,000 levels!

With this simple gameplay, Best Fiends takes you on an adventure where you have to help a group of friendly bugs fight against evil slugs. When you match different pieces of the same kind, your bug friends will attack the slugs, and if the pieces are also all the same color, the attack will be even more powerful.

You can improve each bug’s powers in Best Fiends in order to increase the amount of damage they do against the slugs. Each has a special kind of piece, exclusive to every type of bug, that lets it do even more damage.

Best Fiends presents outstanding graphics. The jewels have been substituted with flowers, water droplets, and leaves, but the style is still reminiscent of games like Bejeweled where color fills the screen entirely.

Best Fiends Mod APK is a puzzle game with a simple and fun gameplay that boasts more than 100 levels for you to show what you can do.

Best Fiends Mod APK
Best Fiends Mod APK
Best Fiends Mod APK


NEW: Season of Holidays starts December 1st with Blundering Bo & Sledding Buggles!
WIN: Fill the Horn of Plenty to win Kwincycopia!
PLAY: Roll some Dice, swing some Bats, and spin some Turntables!
LEVELS: Continue Exploring Shimmering Waterfalls with 10 NEW levels every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!

MOD info

You can buy any things for diamonds, even if you do not have enough of them;
To get a huge amount of gold, get or spend some of it.

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