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Data Recovery seems to be difficult for you? It’s not like that at all. Disk Drill for Windows will help to restore your files in just a few minutes. Disk Drill will recover deleted files from hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and other media filesystems HFS, HFS +, FAT16, FAT32 , NTFS, EXT3, EXT4.

Comprehensive data recovery

There are an infinite number of possible situations of data loss. Disk Drill for Windows is useful to you in each of them: a random cleaning baskets, virus attacks or interruption of electricity, partition damage, failure load and many others.

After installing Disk Drill will scan your device with lost data and bring together all the information on the files that can be recovered, as well as find deleted partitions that can be restored without damage. With a system of intelligent detection of problem sectors on the disk you will increase your chances of data recovery.

Rapid scanning and scanning Deep

Deleted files in just a few minutes ago? On Windows, your chances of successful recovery using the Quick Scan is much higher if you act immediately. Typically, deleted files are marked first only remote and hidden from view, but physically still present on the disk. A quick scan of a second find them and show you the complete list of recently deleted files.

Disk Drill can also provide a more thorough, but a long scan. Deep scan recover lost files and restructures them back depending on the binary structure. Deep scanning module recognizes more than 200 file types.

Restoration of protected data

Disk Drill also protects your data. Enable Recovery Vault, even if you have never lost data before. This protects your files from accidental deletion possible in the future, save the information on the properties of each file and folder that have been deleted from your computer.

When you have such a database, recovery of any remote directory, or an array only takes a few seconds. All the original metadata of your files are still intact. Do not forget to use the Recovery Vault, first you need to enable data protection.


Recovery Options

Various reconstruction algorithms, such as regeneration of protected data, deep and fast scan scanning.

Partition Recovery

Even if your profile is deleted, the data may still remain on it. Recover deleted partition.

Vault of Recovery

Disk the Drill will also protect your data against possible future losses. Activate protection today!

Restore Memory Card

You got poor quality memory card for a camera or other device? Connect it to your PC, and Disk Drill will be able to scan the contents.

Pause and resume scanning

Scanning large volumes may take some time. Suspend and resume scanning recovery process necessary data.

Backing up in the ISO / DMG

makes backing up a certain area or section with a stable operating unit, then to recover from it all deleted files.

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 | x64

i. Unzip The Archive

ii. Read “Read” for installation instructions.

iii. Enjoy..

DDPortable.exe : 1 / 71

MD5 46fe51b3b3326e91fd64431a12697d28

SHA-1 622a33fa00944f09cd1e4899846a26694c8025d3

SHA-256 164a84669c3226b582f48a37e7f36b3e87723e6d3c0a8a63fcf3376f1d550dd4

setup : 2 / 70

MD5 6b2e40baf480f9c08d7ac1d05dd72237

SHA-1 4d59a61e40cc49da385ea710597222eac12027ca

SHA-256 70911e187f90673a5ba210845a9e21a16714b2023d3c3f273587fc70baa72491

DD.exe : 1 / 71

MD5 570dde16f2d982f385e7e65764811132

SHA-1 eb017a47897c3a44f803f4f86041f89727e1a029

SHA-256 b698efaafabcbc5fce53cb609a714776457be835a54c60f82486c63ce451af81

DDActivator.dll : 0 / 71

MD5 9af66c9e61e9fbbc0120e46fc0bdbd94

SHA-1 159c20b4ab07a41dd5c60499fd1f2bb6b6f042a3

SHA-256 d2818ecc4648157ab58f6db9e0ae383cc5efa0965f95c49d49fc661ae9716cf8

File Type: rar

File Size (mb): 20.9 | 49.9

Editions: Portable = Enterprise | Full = Professinoal

Activation: Crack | Copying

Credits: to the Mister who Made the crack



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