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USB-AV Antivirus is a lightweight piece of software designed to quickly scan USB drives for malware and viruses when a user connects them to the computer. The program includes a handy widget that lives in the corner of user desktop, showing the user when the virus databases are updated, how many applications have been quarantined, and whether or not the user computer is currently protected.

Users can perform a quick scan of USB flash sticks, smartphones, tablets, or other drives connected to PC and determine whether they contain potentially dangerous files. What makes the tool stand up in the crowd is that the fact that unlike conventional antivirus solutions that check entire system activity, the tool is focused solely on devices that are connecting via the various USB ports. Not only does this make the scan noticeably faster, but it also does not put so much strain on a computer at the same time.

Users can open the program’s advanced menu to see more stats and quarantine files. Depending on needs and devices, a user can customize the program’s behavior so that it is non-obstructive. For starters, the user can specify the speed and effectiveness of the scan to be performed. Moreover, users can safely delete remnants from the registry or preview hidden files and folders, once the gadgets are cleansed.The program took about three seconds to scan a drive and found the EICAR test file on the drive as it should have. In addition to scanning drives, user can change how the program behaves when it detects a virus whether it deletes or quarantines it and even get pop-up notifications from the program when it needs updating or when a user loses protection.

USB-AV Antivirus is a useful tool that can help prevent getting malware from infected USB devices that the user connects to its computer.

System requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows® 2000, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (both 32 & 64-bit);

CPU: Pentium 2 Processor;

RAM: 64 MB;

HDD: 8 MB of free hard disk space;

Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.Install notes:

1. Kindly read “Readme.txt” file given in download zip file;

2. Enjoy!




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